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Douglas Malton, a pioneer of international Christian broadcasting, a great man of great faith and a friend, died this week of heart failure, aged 82, at his Hampshire home. He was co-founder of Feba, a British Christian media organisation, which today serves audiences in many countries across Africa, the Middle East and Asia. More…

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    FIRST Response’s involvement after the 2004 Asian tsunami and the 2005 Pakistan earthquake convinced me that if a radio station could be set up soon after a disaster, it could save countless lives.  With the breakdown of telecommunications infrastructure and the general confusion that follows a disaster, radio becomes a central focus to providing critical information and even coordination of resources.  It also provides a voice of hope, encouragement and comfort for those in desperate need.

    To that end on 23rd June 2008, we begin a 5-day workshop in Bangalore, involving participants from local government, NGO’s, Community Organisations and broadcasters which will combine knowledge about radio and the unique environment experienced from disaster relief work.  Participants will then put their new-found knowledge into practice by running a real emergency radio station for 3-days.  Non-stop!  Just like the real thing. Simulating real conditions.  The trial will take place in Nagapattinam, in Tamil Nadu, which was devastated by the 2004 tsunami and which will form the backdrop for the trial.  The Nambikkai orphanage, founded by a remarkable man, Mr. Parameswaran, is kindly hosting the trial.  His amazing story of courage and hope after the tsunami can be read here: TURNING BACK THE TIDE OF GRIEF.

    By the end of the trial we hope to have established a fully equiped and capable team which will be ready to respond to the next disaster in the South Asian region.

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