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We may have a great message, even a message that could save lives, but getting people to listen to what we want to say and to act on that information is often a major challenge.  Providing critical information to survivors of a disaster such as Typhoone Haiyan (Yolanda) is key to the success of every FIRST Response radio team , such as the team that has set up an emergency radio station in Tacloban City.  With every radio station having been taken off air,  they have been broadcasting on 98.7Mz, from a “suitcase studio” since Wednesday 13th November.

One means of getting the message across is through music, like this Tagalog song, which was produced by Health Songs specifically for the Hiayan disaster, to help people know how to make drinking water safe, which has been a major health problem.

See what you think of this catchy tune – in Tagalog.

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    As emergency responders arrive in Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, one need often overlooked is the need for information – it’s as crucial as water, food, shelter and medicine.   In the next few hours,  the FIRST Response Emergency Radio Team, pictured above, will arrive in Tacloban city.  They will set-up a low-power FM station, distribute FM radio units to people within a 15 km radius, provide critical information to help the people survive the crisis, and take care of their spiritual and psycho-social well-being through the radio broadcasts.


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