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Afghanistan – A Positive View

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Gentle isn’t perhaps the adjective that would immediately spring to mind when you think of the Afghan people. However with so much bad news coming out of Afghanistan, I felt compelled to write about an encounter I’ve just had with a sweet, gentle and hospitable group of people. They’re called Hazaras and they live in […]

Community Radio, Community Empowerment

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Community radio can influence positive change in communities.  After intensive training,  health workers in Afghanistan are empowered to tackle issues such as poverty, gender inequality,  nutrition and health head on, by using the power of the media to promote awareness, advocate for change and influence a new kind of thinking.

Afghanistan Tense

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It’s amazing how the ill-advised actions of a very misguided man in one part of the world can have such a blistering effect on the other side of the world. Arriving in Kabul today, it feels very different from a few months ago, due largely to the work of an obscure American pastor whose actions […]