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Where on earth is Jegdelak?

It seems like the end of the world – miles from anything that I would call vaguely  civilised.  Yet here in a remote corner of Afghanistan, a dedicated team of workers show real love in action, serving a very hurting people with overwhelming needs, where life expectancy is a little over 45.  We met a young man called Abdulaziz, probably 16 years, who had walked for four hours with his mum over difficult terrain – she needed medical attention.  Holding back tears he asked us: “Please come and open a clinic in our area, and come and teach us, we want to be educated.”

It is so easy to become overwhelmed by the need, and yet, as the Chinese proverb goes: “Drip by drip a river is formed.”  And so my friend said to Abdulaziz, well please won’t you pray with us to Almighty God, that He will help us to bring a clinic to you… and we’ll do our best to come.  And so we did – we prayed then and there under the scorching Afghan sun – an unlikely group if ever there was one, but joined by a common desire to see this valley transformed.

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  • Peaceful Kabul

    Kabul - backdrop to peace talks

    Despite the regular news reports of violence and kidnappings in Afghanistan, the sense I got as I arrived in Kabul this morning, from conversations with local people, was that ordinary Afghans are really fed up with war. As if to underscore the point, a delegation from the Pakistan government is meeting at the Serena Hotel in Kabul, for talks between the Hamid Karzai led-Afghanistan government and Taliban representatives. They’re reportedly aiming high – setting the ground for negotiations on ending the Afghan war. Let’s pray they’re successful – for everyone’s sake.

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