I’m a tail-end baby boomer.  Just the other day I was one of the ‘bright young things’ in our organisation… now I have colleagues who were born in 1991.  Ninety one?   Just the other day.   In conversation though, even though our ages don’t seem that far apart, the gulf is huge, largely due to technology.   If you don’t believe me take a look at this video.  It was put together nearly ten years ago to point out the life experience of Generation-Y, those born since 1980.  Young people born in this era are different. The impact of the i-world has transformed them. Generation Y has become Generation i-Y!

The technology has revolutionised the way this generation communicates, they way they receive information and way they connect with what is going on across the world. 

If those of us engaged in using media for social change want to make a difference in this generation – tomorrows doctors, teachers, nurses, lawyers, architects, administrators, social workers and engineers, then we’d better commit to speaking their language and understand the tools they are using.