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Breakfast at a volcano

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What a way to start the day – eating breakfast in the shadow of Bali’s most active volcano, overlooking Lake Batur.  Ten friends plus tour guides set off early this morning to take in the breathtaking view, followed by a 13 mile cycle ride through paddy fields, Balinese villages and coffee plantations.  As with many […]

Poo coffee – good but costly

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  I’ve always wanted to try it – the world’s most expensive coffee at $100 a pound and passed through the digestive tract of the Asian Palm Civet. Known locally as Luwak, today was my chance as we embarked on a cycle ride to Penelokan, the crater rim of an active Volcano known as Batur.  It […]

Heartline Bali impacts the community

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Today we were working at Heartline, a small community radio station serving the community of Tulikup on Bali, the second most populated island in the Republic of Indonesia.  The station is having a positive impact on the health and social needs of the community with its effective communication strategy for health and social development.   http://www.heartline.co.id/

Indonesia’s Hindu Island

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I arrived a short time ago in Bali, a picturesque island in the Indonesian archipelago, where, in a predominantly Muslim country, 93% here practice Hinduism.  Driving from the airport in Den Pasar, we came across many statues, like this one, demonstrating that Balinese Hinduism is deeply interwoven with art and ritual.  Our driver however is a […]