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Satellite link-up in Nepal

Aafno FM Okhaldunga

Good news from Nepal! Our community radio station in Okhaldunga is now on air for six hours a day.

Now Okhaldunga is linked into a network of community radio broadcasters in Nepal by satellite. Listeners to Aafno FM will now be able to hear news of Nepal through the Community Information Network. We will also soon be able to carry news from the BBC Nepali service which is repackaged for the local audience.

By connecting the 105 community radio stations of Nepal into a single satellite network, the Community Information Network (CIN) provides an opportunity for other stations to share information and dialogue.

Working together with HDCS on the CoRIN Project (Community Radio Initiative in Nepal), Co-ordinator Vijay believes the news will be a big attraction and draw in listeners.

With some of the highest mountains in the world in Nepal, local community radio stations are often located in remote areas. So opportunities for receiving or sharing information are limited. The internet is not widely available.

HDCS’s first radio station in Dadeldhura is closely linked to the local hospital, and both there and in Okhaldunga, broadcasting on health awareness issues is a key part of the community radio service.

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