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Where on earth is Erbil?

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After a week of very intensive training it’s been wonderful to get out and visit the citadel of Erbil today with Alex, Derek, Boulos and Luay. Erbil (or Arbil) is believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and is the third-largest city in Iraq after Baghdad and Mosul. The […]

Kindly leave your guns outside

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  The sign outside this hotel in Northern Iraq, asking patrons to leave their weapons outside, is a stark reminder that this is a very unsettled place and yet it’s hard to believe that there’s a civil conflict going on. Well strictly-speaking that’s down south, tragically brought home again by yesterday’s suicide bomb. But arriving […]

Jesus in Urdu

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‘So who is this Jesus’, a documentary film by the Christian Television Association, has just hit the small screen in Urdu, thanks to the work of Kairos Media.  British actor Russell Boulter seeks to answer the question in a down to earth, no-nonsense style which will resonate with audiences in South Asia. It has been […]

Help for a hyper-sexualised society

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My friend Nick has just developed a blog designed for Christians who want to think through some of the issues we face as a result of the hyper-sexualisation of society.  Yes not exactly a subject you would imagine being discussed during a Sunday morning service, yet vital in a day and age when suggestive images […]