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The past decade has seen an explosion of media across the world – video, audio cassettes, CDs, satellite TV, computer media and the Internet. This has thrown open the doors for Christian witness as never before. Throughout this period, I’ve been privileged to be involved as a trustee of Kairos Media which works with national Christians to exploit these openings.

Kairos has now launched a web site to enable people to download videos directly in a number of different languages:  Click here to find out more or play sample below

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  • Okhaldhunga

    News from Bob in Okhaldunga (Everest region of Nepal) is that our second partnership radio station “Aafno FM” Station in Okhuldunga, has gone live for the first time. Click here to see Bob’s slideshow.

    The first station was opened in June 2008.  See ‘History is made as Dadeldhura gets first radio station’.

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  • Cold in Conneticut

    Africa planning meetings

    Africa planning meetings

    It’s a record – at least for me!  A six hour drive from Worthing to Heathrow (thanks to a snow storm which brought Southern Britain to a virtual standstill), plus another 6 hours to wait for the aircraft .   But it was out of the fridge and into the freezer… this morning it was minus 10 in Conneticut with a wind-chill factor that makes it feel way colder. 

    It seems a strange place to come for planning meetings related to Africa, but then the cold has helped to focus hearts and minds.

    The following video courtesy of Mark Taylor:

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