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Blogging in Bangalore

I first came to Bangalore in 1989.   Even then I remember it being described as “the fastest growing city in Asia.”  I don’t know who first made that statement or what criteria they used as a measure, but India’s third most populous city has certainly changed beyond recognition in the last 19 years that I’ve been coming.  Not surprising really as it’s known as the Silicone valley of India due to its pre-emnient position as the leading contributor to India’s rapidly expanding IT industry.  It is also home to the aerospace and defence industries, not to mention the numerous call centres which service companies in Europe, Australia and the United States.  Sadly all this growth has its down side.     (more…)

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  • Community Radio Workshop Nepal

    Twelve highly motivated Nepalis from different parts of the country have just completed a two-week forray into the wonderful world of community radio.  For most, this was the first time they’d laid their hands on a computer let alone made a radio programme.  Yet by the end of the workshop, all of them had successfully scripted, interviewed, recorded and edited their first radio programmes which were then broadcast via a  Chrysolite “suitcase studio”. (more…)

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